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    Authentic is the new Black

    "I nailed the interview to a round of compliments on my attire, flattened my competition in appearance, attitude and aptitude.


    Nothing could take me down wearing that suit. I could've negotiated nuclear treaties in that puppy and succeeded"

    Jason Carcatsis Service Delivery Manager -SA & NSW at Origin Energy

    Leader of Style, Stylist of Leaders.

    International Personal Stylist, Elle Lavon, works with professionals and entrepreneurs who are ready to go from good to great.


    Her clients are highly sought after leaders, movers and shakers, speakers and global business gurus who aspire to make an impact, and who understand their connection with others has everything to do with integrity and trust.


    They don't settle for "Looking" the part. They want to "BE" the part.


    Rather than blindly following trends, Elle makes it her mission to understand your aspirations, mission, and values, and translates them into an effortless and authentic style that perfectly communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived.


    With a natural knack for style and a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Elle became an industry qualified stylist in 2004.

    Since then she has been working with the biggest names in Australia, Singapore, and the United States and has built a global network of connections to cover all your style needs from top to toe, arming you with all the best tools to open doors and create opportunities everywhere you go.


    If you are ready to become the person you were meant to be, come, say Hi.


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