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    "What if...you could tell your story

    without saying a single word?"

    ~Elle Lavon

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    Fashion is for followers, style is for leaders.


    Because fashion is what "they say" you should be wearing this season and if you don't have the confidence or eye to put an outfit together you can follow what the glossy fashion magazines dictate, but you won't look like you. You'll look like everybody else.


    And who are "they" anyway and what do they know about you as an individual which allows them to successfully determine how you dress?

    If you have a sense of style, if you know who you are, and you know how to express yourself with a style that is unique to you then what's "IN FASHION" is completely irrelevant.

    Elle wants you to go out there and be You. Not some copy and paste of someone else's idea. right?

    And there is such great stuff out there. You can pick and choose from what's "in fashion" to build an original style, whether it's mostly classic with a twist or a crazy, totally out-there kind of look.

    If you want to express yourself uniquely but feel trapped in clothes that don't represent who you are, download Elle's Style Book to help you break out of that rut and build a style that feels like you every day.