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    "I recently had the great pleasure of working with Elle on a photo shoot. Not only was I offered invaluable insights which were clearly tailored to my personal style, personality and the purpose of the shoot, but I also benefited from Elle's presence and ability to establish a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Her influence can clearly be seen in the photos, with which all parties were most impressed"

    Thomas Larkin, Actor

    Has your wardrobe been letting you down and costing you opportunities?

    Are your self-esteem, relationships and career suffering because you know you're not putting your best foot forward?


    If effortless style and the kind of confidence you just cannot fake sound like what you need, then...


    Welcome to E.L stylist, where Authenticity is the name of the game.

    "Fake it til you make it"??


    Please don't.

    One of the most refreshing traits in a person or a business is honesty and integrity, wouldn't you agree?

    People are more likely to engage with you when they do not have to second guess you.


    And that's why we work together to give you an effortless, unique and authentic style that perfectly reflects who you are, and not only gives you confidence and credibility, but saves you time gives you space to address what really matters to you.


    When you are completely comfortable and confident in your own skin you are at your best.

    And you attract the best.

    In today's world, achieving your goals means you have to create a consistently memorable impression everywhere you go.

    If you neglect your image, you will get left behind.


    If you are here today because you're ready to be your best and make a real difference to how you feel and navigate through this life of yours, then let's talk!

  • "My life's mission is to help my clients reach their full potential personally and professionally.

    Helping them redefine themselves and being a part of their journey to becoming happy, confident and successful individuals is what I live and breathe for."

    The personal stuff

    • Traveller
    • Environmentalist
    • Music lover
    • Book worm
    • Mother
    • Food and culture enthusiast
    • Rescuer of Greyhounds and sponsor of children
    • Shoe Addict
    • Suit Connoisseur

    I arrived in Australia in 2002 as part of my world travels at the time and never left (and that's a story for another time). I spent my first few months in Melbourne and Sydney, but quickly realised that I prefer a warmer climate, when I came across this once sleepy little town named Brisbane.


    How I decided to become a stylist

    I remember even as a young child being almost obsessed with individuality. I used to make my own clothes just so that I could look like no one else but myself.


    For me, "Fashion" has always been less relevant than "Style".

    Being raw and honest is the only way I know how to be, and my style is the visual expression of these core values. It's liberating and empowering.

    I realised I wanted others to find their own truth, a sense of self and confidence through style, too, and I had an ability to help them get there.


    I took up my first job in Fashion in 2003 while taking courses in Styling and Image Consulting, and became fully qualified in 2004.

    I then opened my first Image Consulting business, "Elevate", coaching men and women from all walks of life as well as businesses.


    High end Menswear was where I found my true passion, to which I devoted over a decade and where I developed my expertise in suiting, lines and design, fabrics and leathers, and how they work on our bodies.

    But why men?

    The more I worked with men, the more I realised what a huge need there was for some honest and professional guidance, to help men be able to dress well, fast and with ease. And most importantly - with purpose.


    With swanky rooftop bars, a booming alleyway culture, beautiful restaurants, and a competitive professional market, there really is no excuse for not dressing appropriately nor can we let our image cost us time, reputation, self-esteem and opportunities.


    Professionally speaking, becoming the go-to person in our field requires us to truly own our space and be that person. We may have the qualifications and experience, but our image does change the way we behave and perform, and the way others perceive us.

    Sadly, this could sabotage us...

    Luckily, we have the power to take control and make this work to our advantage!


    And that is how "The Executive Stylist" was born.


    With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial experience, personal image and the male approach to shopping and dressing, I decided to really focus my services on educating and helping men dress for success, make an impact and become influential and sought after as experts in their field.

    Forever more...

    Over the years I've worked with hundreds of clients and watched them ace interviews, get promoted, win awards, become world leaders in business and lifestyle, and even get lucky in love.


    I hope to continue to make a real difference in people's lives for years to come.


    If this is something you would like to explore, let's talk!

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