• Your Style Archetype

    Everything you need to know to kickstart your style journey

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    Discover Your Style Archetype


    60-90 minute video call (Available in person by request)


    • Digital Style Book.
    • Your Unique Style Archetype Guide.

    Tool kits:

    • Good Fit - The rules you need to know
    • Grooming / Beauty Tips
    • Using your Proportion to your advantage
    • The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Checklist
    • A step by step guide on how to organise your wardrobe

    The first step in every style journey starts within YOU.

    To build an authentic style that looks and feels like you, and only you, we need to dig deep and explore who you are - Your identity, goals and values, and lifestyle.

    It makes more sense to build a wardrobe based on you, your personality and how you spend your days, than just copy and paste some externally dictated fashion trend, right???

    This is a fun and informative session where we have a good ol’ chat, get to know each other and you can tell me all about your wardrobe woes, Where you’re stuck, what your frustrations are and what’s been happening in your life that is relevant to your arrival at this point in your style journey.

    Together, we’ll uncover the science and method behind STYLE and how to build a wardrobe that makes you feel like you! I’ll take you through my entire process, so basically once we’re done you can go off and be a stylist. But if you decide you’d rather have me as your own personal style secret weapon, we can continue the journey together.

    Most importantly, you’ll receive your unique style archetype which is the visual translation of your identity and is the cornerstone of everything we do moving forward. This will enable you to walk into any store and instantly know what is right for you and what isn't.


    Digital Style Book.

    Your Unique Style Archetype Guide.

    Tool kits:

    Good Fit - The rules you need to know

    Grooming / Beauty Tips

    Using your Proportion to your advantage

    The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

    A step-by-step guide on how to organise your wardrobe.

  • How Elevate Works

    Deep dive into the process


    Discovery Session

    Over the phone, video chat or in person, we discuss your current situation, your goals, and aspirations socially and professionally, and the strategy to get you there.

    We define how we will create an authentic look that is an extension of your identity.


    Style Profiling

    In the comfort of your home or office, we build and present you with a personalized style guide containing:

    • The power of a first impression.
    • What your image is saying about you.
    • Your Wardrobe Blueprint™.
    • What your style actually is.
    • How to dress for your body type.
    • Grooming hacks.
    • Everything you need to know about good fit.

    You will receive an electronic Style Guide. Save it on your device of choice to access any time.


    Wardrobe Audit

    Based on your Style Profile and Wardrobe Blueprint™ we

    • Remove what no longer serves you, 
    • Train your eye on how to use what does works.
    • Identify gaps needing to be filled.
    • Create a shopping list.
    • We create a functional space with items that define you and aid you on your journey to becoming your best.


    With a list and a plan of action, we set out to find the key pieces missing in your wardrobe to make it as versatile as possible, and bring your image of success to life.

    The groundwork is all done for you on a scouting day prior to the shopping trip – fitting rooms of clothes shortlisted from various stores will be waiting for us, and staff is briefed and ready. You will also receive discounts at selected stores for shopping with us.



    Our award-winning tailor takes away all the garments requiring repairs and alterations and delivers them back to you.



    Sometimes it takes a little while for things to settle in. You may have questions, things that you still need guidance with or just ideas on "how to wear this". That's why we touch base after a month to see how everything is going.