• Personal Style & Brand Services

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    AKA Style Archetype Session.
    Everything you need to know to kickstart your style journey in a 1 Hour Consultation focusing on your personal style or your personal brand within your business. 

    Understand how to dress for your personality.

    Discover your unique style archetype, which is the blueprint for your wardrobe choices.

    Be empowered to instantly

    know what suits your personal style and

    make quick decisions about your personal brand.

    This is a virtual styling session, available in person on request. 

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    Wardrobe Detox

    Declutter your wardrobe and create a functional space with clothing that you love and wear, day in, day out.

    We're going to get close and personal with your wardrobe, looking at what no longer serves you (and why) and what still works. You'll learn to style outfits from what you already own while identifying gaps to be filled.

    This is an incredibly liberating process!


    Available in person or virtually

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    Wardrobe Shopping


    Experience a whole new way of wardrobe shopping!

    Curate a collection of clothing to mix and match, for a variety of outfits that make you look and feel amazing.

    Whether you need a full wardrobe makeover or an outfit for a special occasion, the personal shopping experience is tailored to your needs.


    Available in person or virtually.

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    Personal Brand Photoshoot

    For a Public Profile that Packs A Punch

    Maximise your impact and build an iconic public profile with professional images that capture your authentic style for use in digital and print media.


    Together with our award-winning photographers, we tailor the shoot to your brand.

    Most importantly, every photo will look and feel like YOU.

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    Rise Above The pack
    The personal brand makeover for the entrepreneur who is ready to be seen as a leader.

    Build an authentic Personal Brand that reflects your identity and values, in alignment with your lifestyle, goals and the message you wish to deliver to the world.


    Create a brand with integrity that sets you apart so you can be seen as the leader you are.

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