• Personal men's stylist Melbourne

    Showcase your authentic self with a personal stylist and brand consultant who goes beyond fashion.

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  • "I make people look like stars with personal style and brand makeovers."

    Elle Lavon

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    The style leader

    Elle Lavon is an international personal stylist who works with professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them showcase their authentic style. Working with the movers and shakers of the world, who know that showcasing their integrity and trust is vital to making connections for the work they do. Elle works with people who don’t just want to look the part, they want to be the part.  


    If you want to showcase your authentic self with a personal stylist in Melbourne, you need someone who looks beyond fashion and trends, and looks to your style. In understanding your aspirations, mission, and values, Elle Lavon transforms them into effortless and authentic style.  

  • "Elle works with you to create a unique look. Every step is carefully explained so you understand why some things work and others don't."

    Oliver Barlow - Director ~ Sabi Style, Interior Design

  • The benefits

    Melbourne based personal shopper

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    All about men's

    Think about style not fashion, fUCK fASHION! Style is all about finding who you are and what works for you. While you will get a new wardrobe, it won’t be designed by fashion trends, but by your unique brand.

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    Unique packages

    Do a deep dive and transform your entire wardrobe, or look the part for an event, either way Elle Lavon has got you covered. As an experienced fashion stylist in Melbourne, Elle has a range of style services to suit your needs.

  • "Elle was great, extremely friendly and inviting and I was comfortable straight away talking with her. I love how she just accepts you, no judgement. She was genuinely interested in me and my life. I would have no hesitation in recommending Elle.”


    L. Mercer, Home Renovation business owner

  • Personal brand consultant in Melbourne.

    Take your style to a whole new level by uncovering your personal brand. Your personal brand is all about who you authentically are and how you want to present yourself. By discovering your personal brand, you can transform your wardrobe in a way which reflects your authentic self, enabling greater connections with others. Elle Lavon has worked with a range of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and business owners, across Melbourne, going beyond fashion to find their true style.


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  • "What I wear now absolutely does work every time and I know that I am making the best choices I possibly could, given my colouring, body shape and personality. I now have the courage to look my best."


    Eleanor Heaphy, Director, Cakeage

  • Personal shopper Melbourne

    Once you know your personal brand it is time to create the ultimate wardrobe to match. Elle will take you on a shopping trip through Melbourne like no other. As an experienced personal shopper, she will show you techniques which can make your shopping trips stress-free and have you walking away with what you need. She knows how to push past fashion trends and find items that are perfect for your personal style and are made of quality materials.  

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