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    Do you work with women? YES!

    While I specialise in Men's Style, I absolutely do work with women, and some of my all-time favourite transformations have been with female clients.

    Check out my Before and After highlights on my Instagram page @ellelavonstylist to see some incredible makeovers.

    Where can I see Before and After images of clients?

    I take my clients' privacy very seriously. Some clients are just shy and private and others are well known in the business world and prefer not to be exposed, I can only share their images with you in person at your request and will gladly do so.

    For those who were happy to share their stories, you can find them HERE and on my Instagram @ellelavonstylist "Before and After" Highlights.

    What is Style?

    According to the Oxford Dictionary, Style is a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

    What is a Style Profile?

    A Style Profile is a book with everything you need to create your style.

    It's a tool that helps us make the best wardrobe choices for you, based on your personality, aspirations, mission and values, your physical features and your lifestyle.

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    How do you design my style?

    We start with your personality. Using a questionnaire, we find out who you really are. We get a deep understanding of your aspirations, mission and values, and translate them into an effortless and authentic style that perfectly communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived.

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    What happens in a wardrobe assessment?

    We're going to get up close and personal with your wardrobe, looking at what no longer serves you (and why) and what still works. You'll Learn to put great outfits together from what you already own, while identifying gaps needing to be filled.

    This is an incredibly liberating process! Be prepared to let go of clutter that holds you back, and create a functional space with items that you really enjoy and wear, day in, day out.

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    I'm self conscious about my wardrobe and concerned about being judged.

    I understand how personal this space and process is. My promise to you is to always be respectful, thoughtful and conscientious throughout everything we do. You will not be made fun of or judged.

    What do I need to do to prepare for a Wardrobe Assessment?

    1. Have all your laundry done, dried and accessible.
    2. All dry cleaning is back.
    3. Any clothes, shoes and accessories that may be at your workplace, car, a friend's place or you've lent to your sibling are back home and ready for review.
    4. To make the most of our time, throw away anything that you already know has passed its due by date.
    5. Wear comfortable undergarments as you may have to try on a few things during the process.
    6. I respect your privacy. If there's anything that you are not comfortable to go through, please let me know.

    What happens on a shopping trip?

    You are about to experience a whole new way of shopping!
    We go in with an action plan. We know what we need and what we already have. We will be looking for pieces that will mix and match to create a variety of looks and make you feel amazing.

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    The Small Print

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