• The Shopping Safari

    Everything you need to know

  • How It Works

    A quick overview


    Style Archetype

    Before your Shopping Safari you will be asked to complete a form. This will allow me to create your unique Style Archetype.

    Find out more about this HERE


    Coffee and Brief

    We start the day with a yummy coffee (or tea or juice) and a chat about your style and the day's itinerary.



    We will be popping in and out of my favourite shops where I will show you around, make suggesitons and teach you pro tips and tricks to suit your style and body. We will break for lunch somewhere delicious.


    Final stop

    At the end of the day we'll settle down for a lovely cocktail or wine at a local bar and debrief about our day.

  • The Details

    About Your Shopping Trip
    You are about to experience a whole new way of shopping! ​With my Style Safari, you can get off the tourist track.

    Experience more than just scratching the surface of a city when you travel - spend a day with and like a local insider and become immediately immersed in our modern urban culture. You’ll be welcomed into stores like a VIP. You can also find unique pieces that have a rich story behind them.


    I’m all about getting off the beaten track and finding all the cool stuff that isn’t touristy. When I travel I like making the most of my time so getting a local to show me around all the hidden gems and feel like an instant insider is the ideal way to spend the day.

    • Stay away from the tourist traps
    • Discover cool new things
    • Have an amazing time
    • Avoid the headache of planning

    What happens on a shopping trip?
    We start with a coffee and a chat, where I will present you with your Style Archetype. We'll discuss your specific style goals and desires. And we'll talk about the plan for the day. Throughout the day, I'll take you around my favourite shops where I will show you around, make suggestions and teach you the insiders tips and tricks to suit your style and body. While we work to create looks that make you feel effortlessly stylish, prepare to be pushed out of your comfort zone. You are in good hands. Trust the process and know that the best results are achieved when you come with an open mind.

    We will break for lunch somewhere delicious and finish off the day in a cool bar for a final drink and debrief.

    The idea isn't to walk away with 50 bags of shopping but to enjoy an insider's view of Brisbane's best-kept secrets while getting professional advice from an experienced stylist. You might walk away with an outfit or two (maybe more!) and you will definitely learn a lot about style and what works for you.


    How long is the Shopping Safari?

    Typically, the shopping trip itself takes 4 to 5 hours. It's a big day so be prepared. Have a good sleep the night before and wear comfortable shoes.

    Where will we go?

    Depending on your preferences and budget we have three locations to choose from: Brisbane CBD, James St or Paddington.


    Budget: $$-$$$

    A jam-packed guided tour through one of my personal favourite areas in Brisbane for everything STYLE.

    As a Stylist who is dead-set against trends and encourages others to embrace individuality rather than blindly follow fashion (and do it as mindfully and sustainably as possible), it is my vision and mission to introduce you to this treasure trove of unique, privately owned and artfully curated boutiques, vintage stores and upcoming designer brands you won’t find anywhere else.


    James St:

    Budget: $$$$

    James Street is one of the most luxurious shopping locations in Brisbane.

    Rub shoulders with the beautiful people of Brisbane as we sit in a cafe under an ancient fig tree and take a tour with me through stunning, privately owned boutiques, perfumeries and bars.

    As we enter these stores, the team awaits you, they know you on a first-name basis and want to spoil you with red-carpet treatment as you wander through and explore racks filled with the most exquisite, world-class Australian and international designs that will make your heart sing.


    Brisbane CBD:

    Budget: $-$$$ (anything from low to high end)

    Let me guide you through the hustle and bustle of our beautiful Brisbane CBD, and whisk you around to visit my personal faves. Here we'll find everything from Zara to Hermes. I will curate our day here based on your style, budget and personal preference, which we will discuss in the days before the event. As with the other two locations, I will be taking you to lovely spots for coffee, lunch and cocktails.


    What To Bring:


    • Socks - You'll be trying on shoes. Bring a pair of lightweight dress socks (not thick sports socks) and invisible sockets if you have some.
    • Wear underwear that won't gather or bunch.
    • Clothes that are easy to change in and out of. Ladies - please wear separates, not a dress.
    • Water.
    • Energy. Have a good meal beforehand. Hungry shopping is no fun. We will, of course, break for food and coffee. And maybe a cheeky glass of wine with lunch.
    • A positive attitude.
    • Hot tip - Make sure your daily account limit is not restricted.

     What's Included

    • Your Personal Style Archetype Guide (Valued at $412.50)
    • Morning tea

    Please Note: Lunch and cocktails are not included in the price.

    The Small Print - Always read and sign the Ts&Cs

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