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5 Panty Dropping Fragrances for Him

Part 3 of the The Fragrance series by Elle Lavon.

"Your perfume is your message, your scented slogan"

~ Maurice Roucel

Welcome to Part 3 - Five Panty Dropping Fragrances to drive her wild (or him, whichever way you roll)

I was preparing for the onslaught from parts 1 and 2 of this blog series...and it never came.

I was pretty sure I was gonna put some noses out of joint by naming and shaming a few fragrances that men really need to stop wearing ( Especially Acqua Di Gio which so many guys wear) and pointing out bad habits. - I thought I'd get a bunch of messages saying "Calm down, angry woman, stop dissing my favourite scent".

But instead, I got lots and lots of funny, supportive and grateful messages from you all, backing me up for saying what most people are afraid to.

And what everyone really wanted was for me to hurry up already and publish this list of panty-dropping fragrances.

If you haven't read part 1 and part 2 of this series make sure you go back and have a read.

* Disclaimer - "Opinions are like assholes; Everybody has one" (Dirty Harry).

One's taste in fragrance is subjective. What I love may not be what you love.

Like I said earlier, I'm not The Authority on all things fragrance, but I have an eye (and nose) for good things and I'm invested in making sure you look, smell and feel amazing, always.

Furthermore, I want you to have a signature scent, something that leaves a legacy, something that reminds people of your presence.

So I'm gonna give you my own personal list of panty-droppers and hopefully, something on it will tickle your fancy.

Oh, sidenote - As I'm sure you know, fragrance reacts to our skin chemistry, so it can smell one way on one person and completely different on another. I always like to try before I buy, and by that, I mean spray some on and let it settle for at the very least 20 minutes, but preferably if you can, give it a few hours or even a full day. It changes a lot over time and it's the worst when you buy something that smelled amazing on that little piece of paper handed to you by the girls with too much makeup on and by the time you get home you smell like someone's grandma's loo spray. It's an expensive mistake to make. Trust me, I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

So if you see anything on this list and you want to try it out - definitely do your research first and see how it sits on you.

The List

#1 Creed, Aventus - Undeniably The Ultimate Panty Dropper

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Sophisticated, royal, masculine.

This delicious concoction is a real charmer. I imagine Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love would be wearing this. It's so sexy and smooth and a bit different. Confident but not arrogant, charismatic and magnetic but in an effortless way. This guy is no try-hard. He's just got IT.

"The most popular fragrance ever created in the history of the House of Creed, Aventus is a fragrance for men – also adored by women – celebrating strength, power, vision and success. Introduced in 2010, Creed’s Aventus is inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor who waged war, peace and romance on his terms, riding on horseback to victory. The unrivalled Aventus is comprised of superb ingredients, a worldly blend and a must-have for the individual who savours a life well-lived.

Top notes of bergamot, apple, blackcurrant berries and pineapple.

Heart notes of jasmine, rose, birch and patchouli.

Base notes of oakmoss, ambergris, musk and vanilla."

Another fantastic fragrance by Creed is Green Irish Tweed which has an invigorating freshness and pure masculinity that have made it not only one of the most artistic fragrances from Olivier Creed but also one of the most successful.

#2 - Tom Ford, Costa Azzurra

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This one separates the boys from the men. Not just any men, but gentlemen.

It's too complex and sophisticated to be worn by boys. So if you're a real man (or you want to smell like one) - this is a great place to start.

I imagine this to be for the confident man who is well-travelled, well-read, knows how to choose his wine and whisky and treats his woman like a true queen. 

TF says: "Private Blend Costa Azzurra captures the evocative mix of island woods on the desirable destination of Sardinia, with its unique aroma of salty beaches, dry herbs, evergreen trees, and driftwood mingling with scents of the low, thickly forested landscape known in the Mediterranean as the Macchia—a tangle of oaks, juniper pines, and herbs." 

I am such a sucker for that Mediterranean feel, maybe it's because I am Mediterranean and to me, it's sentimental, or maybe it's just a really stunning scent.

Tom Ford perfumes are rich and strong so please apply sparingly if you don't want to give those around you a headache. Seriously.

#3 - Dior, Sauvage

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As Dior describe it: "Sauvage is an act of creation inspired by the great outdoors. A composition with juicy, spicy freshness and a lingering woody rawness. Between power and grandeur." 

An accurate description. 

Pros - It smells delicious and would suit men of all ages, not too mature for a 25-year-old and not too young for a 60-year-old. (again, remember it can differ hugely depending on the wearer)

Cons - It's common. I personally will search high and low and go to the far corners of the earth to find a fragrance no one else has. However, Sauvage is not anywhere near as common as Acqua Di Gio, my arch nemesis, so you're still safe wearing it without smelling like every other guy. I recommend it.

#4 - Guerlain, VÉTIVER

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A stunning classic, created in 1961 and re-launched again in 2000 by the house of Guerlain.

This is one for the Silver Fox. It's not "mature" and Dad-like, don't worry. I mean, it wouldn't be a panty dropper if it were one of those.

I see this on someone like Aidan Shaw. And trust me, he's hot AF. 

"A fresh woody accord for a fragrance with authentic elegance.

The fragrance opens on the spontaneous, piquant freshness of citrus fruits with orange, bergamot and lemon. At the heart, spices such as nutmeg and pepper intensify the fragrance, before giving way to vetiver, tobacco and tonka bean."

#5 - Comme des Garcons - Black

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Smokey, sensual, dark and exotic. Black is so artistic and unique. It's ageless, timeless and completely captivating.

If you're not one to follow trends and prefer to march to the beat of your own drum, Black is for you. 

Rumour has it, this spiced-up new scent sold-out on the underground before it even launched. A sleek blend of Madagascar black pepper, incense of Somalia, leather, liquorice, cedarwood and vetiver, it's the new cult-favourite for all connoisseurs of cool.

A note for my natural peeps out there

Sad news guys, I have done so much research to find you fragrances that are both 100% natural and have panty dropping qualities. There is hardly anything out there unless you want to mix your own essential oils.

Good news - there's a niche in the market that has not been tapped into so if you are a bit of an entrepreneur I would say there's a huge opportunity here for you.

I have looked at a few options and this is what I have found so far:


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This is a DIY job - Pick a few oils that you love and make a little mix. My good friend, Peter, makes his own delicious mix and he always smells amazing.

Work with earthy and woody notes like Cedarwood, Lemongrass, White Fir, Basil, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Frankincense and Manuka.

Tinderbox cream rub-on-sandalwood

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A warm and woody scented perfume balm for the mind and spirit. Containing only natural ingredients and pure botanical essential oils this unisex cream can help ground and settle a busy mind. Packaged in a beautiful bamboo pot.

I LOVE this one, it's so gorgeous. I found it at Biome.

L'Occitane, Eau Des Baux

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Similar to viktor and rolf spicebomb

"The knights from the village Les Baux had chosen the cypress as a symbol of courage. Guided by their lucky star, they daringly held every challenge.

Sensual and mysterious alliance of cypress and incense.

Top notes: Pink Peppe, Cardamom

Middle notes: Cypress, Incense

Base notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean"

They also make a few other lovely fragrances but I picked this one as my personal fave.

*L'Occitane is Derived from natural ingredients but is not 100% natural

And that's a wrap, my darlings!!

I hope this elevates your fragrance game!

Let me know what you think, send me comments, messages and questions and SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE, YO!!

Much love and thanks for reading.