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Let's talk about SEX!

Truth bombs coming at ya.

Let's talk about my sex life!

Just kidding...

But I got your attention, right?

(Who knows? Maybe I will tell you about my sex life... keep reading my blogs to find out)


I bet you don't appreciate being fed bullshit...

And that's exactly what this blog is about.

"There's courage involved if you want to become Truth"


I want to talk about something that's often on my mind.


Our personal relationship with time. Or more to the point, our priorities.

Specifically - The bullshit excuses that we make and the lies we tell ourselves (and others) about how much time we have and don't have and how we can free ourselves by consciously changing our narrative and being honest with ourselves and others.

Have you ever found yourself saying "I don't have time for XYZ" or "There just aren't enough hours in the day..."?

I don't know about you (I'm guessing yes), but I definitely have!

But if I'm to be completely honest... that's total bullshit.

The things I "don't have time for" are actually things I don't really want to do. Or rather, things I don't see as a priority.

Not only things but people, too.

For example, if I have a jam-packed week and someone I'm not particularly interested in spending time with wants to catch up with me, I would just say I can't fit them in, right?


It's not that I can't, it's that I won't. Because let's face it, had it been someone I wanted to see, no matter how much I had on, not only would I make time for them, I'd actually move things around or sleep less or work later, just so I could hang out with them. Because they are a priority.

Ya know what I'm saying, right?

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You know how you "forget to reply to a text message"?


No one "forgets to reply".

If it's someone or something you're interested in you'll respond immediately or as soon as humanly possible (we all have 5 minutes when it's a priority. Please don't try to bullshit yourself or anyone else.)


If it's not important to you (and under this category are messages you just can't be bothered with from people you can't be bothered with right now), you just don't make time to respond.

So you don't "forget to reply", you just didn't make it a priority to reply, yeah?

Own it. It's the truth.

And if you want to argue this with me, I would love to have that conversation with you.

"Don't have time" to exercise?


I used to feed myself that tired old bullshit excuse. But a few months ago I decided I don't wanna be 70 and bent over, crippled with chronic pain, so I decided to stop staying up late drinking and smoking and now get up at 4.45AM to make sure I can fit in exercise and meditation before I start my day because that's my priority.

That's why when I hear people saying they "don't have time" to invest in their health and wellbeing I don't buy it.

Stop making bullshit excuses. You make time for what you want to make time for.

It's that simple.

What's my point?

"The Truth will set you free"

This is totally not about telling anyone off for making excuses. We've all been there, done that, and despite our best efforts, will probably slip up from time to time. We're human...

Here's the thing - No one likes to be given bullshit stories, and we all know when someone isn't being honest with us. I personally don't appreciate it and I can smell a lie a mile away.

And... The person we should be the most honest with is - ourselves.

The hard work has to start within.

We have to start giving ourselves more credit and respect and being truthful.

When we start peeling away the layers of crap we've been feeding ourselves and start facing our own home truths, we are liberating ourselves from the weight of dishonesty (because it takes a lot of energy to keep up with lies) AND as a bonus feature, we start being more honest with others.

People find honesty refreshing and welcome it (trust me, I hear it a lot). Try it out. You might like it.

It's a beautiful way to live.

"So where do you start?"

  • Set your priorities. What's important to you? Who's important to you?
  • Next time you catch yourself making an excuse, just stop. Check yourself. Be honest. Change your language. Replace your line with "It's not a priority right now". And if you want to dig deeper, ask yourself why you've made that choice.
  • Be respectful of other humans and their time. It takes practice and fine-tuning being honest without being hurtful but you can find a way in your own language.

I'll leave you with this:

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With love