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How to be excited about your wardrobe every day

Building a collection that excites and inspires you always

"Clothes mean nothing 

until someone lives in them​"

~ Marc Jacobs

How do you feel about your wardrobe? and

How does your wardrobe make you feel?

These are two (of many) questions I ask my clients before we start working together and here are some responses I have literally copied and pasted from their forms, and they are quite common (I wonder if you relate to any of them):

  • Hate it! Nothing I love in it!. 
  • It makes me feel bored. 
  • It is basic and not put together. It's a mish mash of bits and pieces.
  • Can never find anything I really want to wear but don't have the time to fix it.
  • Meh - would be great to have some pieces I love that are more versatile.
  • I never feel like I have enough!
  • Lost, no direction, I don’t know what i should keep/throw out, no style.
  • It doesn't quite fully express who I am
  • My wardrobe makes me feel average
  • It could use some umph.
  • Terrible. Old, dated, I need a total overhaul. 
  • It’s filled with too many clothes from my younger years

Do any of these feel familiar?

It makes me so sad that so many people feel so "MEH" about their wardrobes. I want you to LOVE your wardrobe and be excited when it's time to put on your outfit for the day.

I know that one thing my clients often say once we have finished building their wardrobes is that they have so much fun getting dressed and they often change throughout the day just for the joy of it.

I get photos of them in their new looks feeling so awesome and I want that to be the case for everyone.

So how do you build that kind of wardrobe?

First thing first - you need to know your style and what works for you. That's fundamantal. We know that right?

But another really important thing is....

If you don't love it, don't buy it!

It's a great reminder to all - style novices and pros (and something I live by, myself) - If you don't absolutely love it, just don't buy it, darling.

* Disclaimer - you have to love it on and for yourself. When we love a certain style or item on someone else, in most cases it's not going to feel the same on us because we are not them. So just make sure when you're buying something because you LOVE IT, that it's totally 100% you in a nutshell.

And then, my loves, you have a wardrobe full of stuff you adore and are looking forward to wearing.

Walk away and think about it

I am telling you this from my own personal experience.

Have you ever gotten into a shopping frenzy? Like, you get on a roll and it kind of gets out of control and you buy more than you intended to or buy things you don't really need or love?

Well, I am totally guilty of having done this in the past. my strategy is, I catch myself, I stop myself and I walk away. I remove myself from the store and go for a breather and sometimes even leave it for a day. If I'm still thinking about it when I have my head screwed on a bit more securely, then I will go back and revisit said item to see if there's still a spark between us. Then I know for sure that I LOVE it and it gets to be in my collection of amazing and awesome pieces.

And, as always - if you feel like you want some guidance around how to feel like the best you ever, click the clicky buttons and get in touch.

OR if you're one of my already super fly clients with amazing wardrobes, you KNOW how good it feels! So if you know someone who would love to work with me so they can feel amazeballs too - SHARE THE LOVE, PEOPLE!!!