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The Statement Piece

"LOOK at me" VS "SEE me"

The Statement Piece

"LOOK at me" vs "SEE me"

"The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There's no how-to roadmap to style.

It's about self-expression and, above all, attitude"

~Iris Apfel

Well, actually….What IS a statement piece?

I talk a lot about authenticity and having a wardrobe that expresses who we truly are. I talk about our wardrobes being an extension of our personality, values and internal language and I am deeply passionate about helping others translate their “inside” into a look, a style that expresses that on the “Outside”.

When I talk about what I do, one of the things that people raise with me is the fear of being seen as a show off, a “try-hard” or a “peacock” because they are well styled or appear to be well groomed and polished.

I have dug deep to find the source of this fear and here’s what I have uncovered –

People mistake STYLE for FASHION.

Fashion (the peacock, the try hard, the show off) says “LOOK at me”, and while it might get attention, it’s like a mask or a costume to hide behind and it causes a disconnect.

Style (the authentic expression of the self) says “SEE me”, it is vulnerable, raw and open. It breaks down barriers and allows others to see who we are and invites a genuine connection.

I don’t “dress” my clients so they are LOOKED at. In fact, I don't dress anyone at all. I help others define their own style so they are SEEN for who they are.

And one of the tools we use in this process is what we call a


A statement piece is an item (Clothing, footwear, jewellery or an accessory – basically anything you’d wear) that says “THIS is who I am. This is ME in a nutshell”.

It is a visual representation of YOU. When you wear it you feel content and comfortable in your own skin and you exude a quiet confidence that turns you into a social magnet, just by allowing you to be the most YOU possible.

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Now to the nitty gritty - Statement Piece Q&A

  • How do you find your statement pieces –

You don’t. They will find you. When you see them you will know. It’s a bit like falling in love. You can’t make it happen, but when it does you know it.

  • How much should you invest in a statement?

When you come across the ultimate statement piece unless it’s going to literally break your bank or take food out of your hungry child’s mouth – BUY IT!

  • How many statement pieces should you have – 

If I asked you “how much love should I have in my life? How many true friends should I have?” What would you say? The answer is – If you find a true friend, you never let them go. That’s how I feel about a TRUE statement piece – not a fashion statement, but an expression of your true self. Something that makes you feel amazing and allows you to connect with others by showing them your heart and soul.


  • How often should you wear a statement piece

As often as you like. Life is too short to “save things for special occasions”. Be your most amazing self every minute of every day.

I'll leave you with this...

Life is an unpredictable mofo. So live it to the fullest, stop hiding behind social norms and expectations. Shine bright, go hard, be loud, be proud and BE YOU - whatever and whoever that may be - MAKE YOUR STATEMENT.

And as always, if you need a guiding hand in helping you express your awesomeness, give me a call and let's talk about how I can support you in your journey to become who you were always meant to be.




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