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    Secure you JINN. BLK classic JINN

    The very first special edition E.L X JINN line, cut in the unique E.L asymmetrical shape is currently IN PRODUCTION due to arrive in your hot little hands early December 2019.

    Just in time for the holidays!

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    JINN (genie) is a demon (Arabic), a supernatural entity which can be either good or evil.

    But what makes these Jinns so special is that the artist and designer, Lital Dorchin, among many other things, practices therapeutic dancing inspired by North-African demons exorcism rituals and her designs are an extension of her spiritual work.
    By painting the Jinn on a T-shirt the entity receives its own place, light and air where it transforms from a haunting demon into a protective talisman.
    Lital explains that her movement #set_you_jinn_free represents no only giving the Jinn on the t-shirt a new life on its wearer.
    It has a deeper meaning too. It’s about acknowledging and embracing our own inner demons, our dark sides, the parts of ourselves that make us the complex beings that we are, and by being vulnerable and showing all of ourselves, we set our Jinns free.

    This is totally up my alley!!

    These designs, inspired by African masks, Graffiti, street culture as well as traditional embroidery, are a fresh visual language that had me at Hello...

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