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So much confusion over one little Tie Bar

Everything you need to know about wearing a tie bar

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What is a Tie Bar?

The tie bar (AKA Tie Clip) is a small accessory that makes a big difference, so if you don't want to look like an amateur, you've gotta get it right!

Some say it's making a comeback, but really, the tie bar is a classic and as we all know, Classic never dies, so it has never and will never truly go out of style.

When it comes to men's fashion, this little piece is one of my personal favourites. It adds that well polished finishing touch, not too little , not too much.

There is a right way to wear a tie bar and there are so many wrong ways to wear one. Not to worry, we're here to shed some light on the matter for you.

The purpose of a tie bar is to pin your tie to your shirt. Ignoring the placket of your shirt and clipping the tie only, leaving it to flap in the breeze, kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

Your tie bar is there to attach your tie to your shirt, keeping it all in place. Catch both ends of your tie in the bar then use the bar to secure it to your shirt.

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Tie bar styles. 

There are two styles of tie bars, slide clasp and pinch clasp.

Use the tie bar that works with your tie.

Slide clasps tend to be great for thinner ties and lighter fabric.

A pinch clasp, on the other hand, works best with thicker ties and heavier fabric. On a tie with more delicate fabric it can cause puckering and it might not lay as flat as you would like.

Slide Clasp:

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Pinch Clasp:

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It's all about proportion. 

A wide tie bar on a skinny tie sends things off balance, just as a narrow bar on a wide tie would.

The correct proportions will be much easier on the eye.

As a rule of thumb, choose a bar that is about three quarters the width of your tie.

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Positioning is everything. 

Correct placement for a tie bar is a thing, yes.

A tie bar that is positioned too high or too low will throw off your whole look.

It should be fastened between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt. That would put is just below your pecs, about at your sternum.

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Loosen up.

Tie bars are not meant to pull the tie straight down, holding you in place along with your ensemble.

Before you fasten your bar, blouse your tie just a little by pulling it slightly upward. This adds depth to your look and you won’t feel so constricted.

Know when NOT to use a tie bar.

Much like wearing suspenders with a belt, wearing a tie bar with a cardigan or waistcoat is unnecessary.

The bar is intended to hold the tie in place. A waistcoat or cardigan already do just that, so wear one or the other.

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