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The Best Jeans For Men And Women

in 2023

My favourite jeans that fit every body (In Australia)

“I really struggle to find jeans that I LOVE”


No lies, girls and boys. You're not alone.

The struggle to find the ultimate jeans is universal.

Which is pretty ironic considering they are such a fundamental staple in every wardrobe.

Over the past 20 years I have had a lot of experience finding the perfect jeans for every type of body and lifestyle and it would be pretty mean of me to keep this secret to myself, so I’ve decided it’s time to share my top picks, my go-to, favourite jeans brands and styles for men and women that really do fit EVERY BODY.

Now, let me start by saying this - there are LOTS of styles of jeans out right now, from ultra skinny to boyfriend/girlfriend/mum (what’s next? Grandma jeans??), slouch, wide leg, cropped and bell bottoms. To be honest, the majority of them aren't actually flattering (which is why so many of you are feeling stuck!). For sure, they are trendy, and if you want to keep up with trends and be “fashionable” then absolutely - go for it!

But - HOT TIP: Get the fundamental styles first and then add the trend/seasonal pieces.

There are SO many denim brands and designers out there...

If you want versatile jeans that fit well, look good and are comfortable -

let me save you a whole lot of time, headache and frustration.

Oh! You're still here!


I've narrowed it down to a few fantastic options for you to explore.

These specific jeans have been tried and tested on every body type and every budget and I’ve been stocking my clients with them for at least five years, so I can tell you they have passed the test of time.

Oh! By the way, this is not a sponsored article and I don't get comish. This is purely for the love of denim and for sharing information that will help you elevate your wardrobe, your mood and your bum cheeks. Wink wink.

The perfect jeans for men and women in 2023

Here are my top picks of jeans

for men and women

You might notice these are all skinny/slim styles. That's because they are actually universally flattering despite what you might have been told by outdated "dress for your body type" style articles. Trust me. These jeans will make you look HOT!

Fave cuts:

Skinny Lin for men.

Hightop Tilde for women.


  • Ethical AF - Organic, reused, certified, free repairs FOREVER.
  • Fabric quality
  • The super stretch denim makes for an amazing, comfortable fit
  • Beautiful in-store experience when you shop at a Nudie store
  • Comes in all your classic washes, perfect for all occasions.


  • Honestly, I can’t fault Nudie, but if you’re budget conscious these might be too pricey. My question to you would be - what price would you put on this kind of quality, sustainability, lifetime repairs and service? At around the low to mid $200s mark, I’d say that’s pretty effin’ amazing and well worth it!

Fave Cuts:

Iggy Skinny for men

Marilyn Skinny for women 


  • Some Eco Friendly and reused materials
  • Incredible fit
  • Very soft and comfortable denim
  • Accessible
  • Come in a ripped version as well


  • I haven’t found any obvious ones. In the men’s range, I have struggled to find a 34” length for my taller clients.
Selecting the perfect jeans for every body

Fave Cuts:

Fitzroy Slim for men

Anna high rise skinny for women

  • Quality and durability for years.
  • The Anna high rise for women is super flattering and usually comes in three basic colours (light wash, dark wash and Black) and then they will do a seasonal colour.
  • Men’s Fitzroy also comes in the three basic colours.
  • Great range of sizes.
  • Great service when you shop at a SABA store


  • Unethical
  • I wish they made a skinnier version of the mens.

#4 UNIQLO Yes I said it!

Fave Cuts:

Ultra Stretch Jeans for men

Ultra Stretch Skinny High Rise Jeans for women

These are real bang for your buck and have blown my clients away every single time! If you want jeans that look and feel good without the price tag these are great!

Some of my clients like to have a more upmarket brand, but throw in Uniqlo jeans for occasions where you might get messy (running around with toddlers, work, camping etc)


  • Fit, comfort, durability.
  • Look good
  • Price!
  • Usually have the full range in stock
  • Usually come in your basic washes and sometimes a ripped variation which is great if you want a more casual vibe.


  • Unethical AF
  • The in-store shopping experience is pretty terrible but if you know your measurements and buy online (or if you shop with me) you can avoid that.
How to find the best jeans for your body

Fave Cuts:

Skinny jeans for men (come in super skinny, Basic and Ripped)

Skinny jeans for women (come in high, mid rise, sculpt and ripped)


  • Always current
  • Fit and look great
  • Super comfortable
  • Wide range of washes, details (rips, acid, hardware)
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Bang for buck as far as price goes.


  • Unethical
  • Don’t last, the elastic starts rippling after a year or two depending on how much you wash them.
  • I absolutely hate the in store experience and would rather avoid going in there

Skinny and slim jeans (men only)


  • Fit
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Amazing in store experience
  • Beautiful design and details


  • Sometimes they make them, sometimes they don’t, so you can’t guarantee you’ll always be able to get them.
  • I wish they made more washes. You will usually only find one or two in each style. (They do make up for this with their wide variety of chinos but this doesn’t solve the denim problem).
  • They change the design from season to season so if you have a fave you might not be able to replace it.
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(Women’s. Only because I haven’t had to shop for men here, but would if I had to)

Fave Cuts:

The Amaze Extra High Skinny jeans

The Amaze High Rise Curve Skinny jeans

These have been hands down the BEST jeans for any woman.


  • I have had 100% success with these, with women who say “I can’t find jeans to fit me”
  • Comfortable
  • Flattering
  • Bang for buck
  • Usually in stock
  • Always have the basic washes


  • Unethical AF
  • Fast fashion
  • I don’t love going into these stores but the staff are usually very helpful.
  • They sell out fast
  • Not sure if you'd get more than a couple of years out of them.
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Brands worth mentioning

These are brands I like and have used in clients' wardrobes here and there but are not my go-tos for various reasons.

Rag&Bone. Love the look, feel and quality. Great cuts.

Pros: Love the look. Cons: They're just not as accessible in Australia, yet. They have a couple of stores now in Sydney and Melbourne and are stocked in a few boutiques. But of course you can buy online. They are super unethical.

Ksubi. An Australian brand with a distinct rockstar vibe. Love their style.

Pros: Lots of great cuts to choose from, from the most basic to ripped, studded and embroidered.

Cons: Unethical. I also can't vouch for their quality or longevity as I have not bought much from them.

Paige. Known for their fit, comfort and quality. Pretty basic, classic styles. They are not my go-tos, but great jeans. Pretty high on the price scale.

Obviously there are SOOO many more brands! Comment below or email me to let me know what your fave brands and styles are and why!

As always, I'm here to help solve any and all of your wardrobe woes, and if finding the perfect jeans is one of them - hit me up so I can help get your butt into the best shape (without the exercise!)