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E.L x JINN - How to wear your oversized tee with tights

Without looking like you're going to a yoga class

So, the #1 question you wanted me to answer was...

"How do I wear my JINN with tights without looking like I'm going to yoga?"

The truth is, your "going to yoga" look has very little to do with your tights. It's more about everything else.

Let me ask you this question:

When you go to yoga, what do you NOT wear?

  • Shoe/ boots
  • Makeup
  • Accessories
  • A styled hair-do
  • Anything that will be uncomfortable or get in the way
So the answer to your question is actually pretty simple:

If you want to look like you're not going to yoga, then wear things that you wouldn't wear to yoga!

Here are some things you could try (you could do some, or you could be like me and do all of them)

  • Style your hair
  • If you feel like it, put a bit of makeup on (I encourage women to always feel confident being natural, but if a bit of makeup makes you feel confident and nice, then go for it! But - you are beautiful just the way you are).
  • Find a funky pair of shoes (I created two looks for you - one with boots and one with Converse).
  • Put amazing jewellery on, according to your unique Style Archetype.
  • SHAPE YOUR JINN (For my look I tucked my sleeves in for a futuristic architectural look and I tied a knot in the bottom of the shirt)

Here's a little video for you

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to wear JINN in a way that will feel stylish is to add your unique special sauce to the mix to add flavour.

My own personal style is very ethnic and artistic so I add pieces that feel like art and remind me of faraway places, which works really well with JINN.

You need to figure out - what is your flavour? Everyone has their own STYLE - You have a look unique to you. What inspires you? What makes you feel like YOU? What is the visual expression of your soul?

That something is called your STYLE ARCHETYPE. Use it and maximise it and add it to everything you do!

If you're not sure what your STYLE ARCHETYPE is you can download my free Style Book HERE and find out!

Check out this look with my FRYE Cowboy boots (hand studded in spain) or with simple white Converse.

So that's how to wear your JINN without looking like you're going to YOGA.

And last but not least - Something for you to look forward to:

A MummaJINN and BabyJINN photoshoot...Coming soon.

Meet my Leggyoffspring

Please let me know what you think, any questions you have and what you want to know about wearing your JINN.


Much love always




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