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(And setting them free)

A love Project - PART 1

Welcome to Part 1 of my Love Project -

E.L x Jinn

First of all... This is for you if:

  • You already follow and love JINN but you're unsure how to wear it.
  • You are stuck in a style rut and want general inspiration on how to own your style regardless of trends.
  • You LOVE oversized Ts and want ideas on how to style them.
  • You're a person.  The end.

What you can expect from this project:

  • Discussions about authentic style, vulnerability and setting your demons free.
  • Style Inspiration.
  • Statement piece confidence.
  • Inspiring images.
  • Technical ideas on how to be creative with your style, specifically JINN but transferrable to all things style.
  • Tips and tricks on accessories, headwear, footwear, eyewear.
  • How to wear JINN and own your personal style in a professional environment.
  • Seasonal Demons - wearing JINNs in every weather (maybe not in the snow).

Still here? YAAAS!! Let's get into it.



If you’ve read my blog “The statement piece” You know you don’t find a statement piece, it finds you.
And the moment you see it, you just know. A bit like love, you can’t force it or look for it. It just happens. And when it does, there’s no mistaking it.

Well...It happened to me when I was in Israel earlier this year.

While I was back home I met this guy (that’s not the love story I’m going to tell you about today) and he had mad style. What captured me the most was these T-shirts he wore.

He told me they were made by a local designer, a good friend of his. One-off pieces, hand-painted by her.
I knew I had to have one. Or maybe 20. Or maybe I would never wear anything else in my life but these badass T-shirts.

Why do I feel so strongly about this?


These T-shirts, they are the epitome of my Style. Ethno-chic, Creative, Rebellious, Bold.
They speak my language, tell my story. When I wear them I feel like myself in every way, I feel seen. Like you know who I am before we even start a conversation.
And I love the idea of wearing an original custom piece that no one else has.
And it’s hand made. By an artist. From my country.
Wearing art! What more could I ask for???

Elle Lavon Stylist Jinn Tshirt

Turns out….The faces on the T-shirts are JINNs.

What is A JINN?

JINN (genie) is a demon (Arabic), a supernatural entity which can be either good or evil.

But what makes these Jinns so special is that the artist and designer, Lital Dorchin, among many other things, practices therapeutic dancing inspired by North-African demons exorcism rituals and her designs are an extension of her spiritual work.
By painting the Jinn on a T-shirt the entity receives its own place, light and air where it transforms from a haunting demon into a protective talisman.
Lital explains that her movement #set_you_jinn_free represents no only giving the Jinn on the t-shirt a new life.
It has a deeper meaning. It’s about acknowledging and embracing our own inner demons, our dark sides, the parts of ourselves that make us the complex beings that we are, and by being vulnerable and showing all of ourselves, we set our Jinns free.

This is totally up my alley!!

These designs, inspired by African masks, Graffiti, street culture as well as traditional embroidery, are a fresh visual language that had me at Hello...

I found Lital on Instagram and sent her a gushing message about how I’m crazy in love with her designs and I wanted her to make me some and send them to me. I trusted her to design something especially for me and 2 weeks later my Jinns who had travelled across the oceans had arrived and that’s how our love story truly began.

Lital Dorchin Jinn

This is Lital, the designer. I love this image of her with her huge Jinn.

I chopped up my JINNs

The day I got my JINNs I took to them with a pair of scissors and reshaped the sleeves and hemlines to make them my own and posted a bunch of photos to my socials. Lital saw the new shapes her Ts were making and that very evening we were on a video call like two old friends with her on her couch in Ein Harod in Israel, and me in my kitchen in Brisbane Australia, 8 hours ahead, trying to show her how I chop up a t-shirt.

She told me how her female clientele often struggle because they love the JINNs but don’t have the confidence to style them. Their (intentionally) boxy, oversized shape isn’t “sexy” or flattering …
They miss the whole point. They’re not supposed to be sexy. They are ART!!! They are spiritual talismans…

I told Lital I have so many ideas on how to style her designs and all of the ways we could give her clients confidence and make them feel amazing wearing Jinns.

So...We decided I would make a bunch of tutorials on HOW TO STYLE YOUR JINN!

And so the E.L X JINN Project came to life

Elle Lavon Stylist Jinn Tshirt

Be a part of the conversation!


What we'd love from you:

  • Be a part of the conversation - comment, ask questions.
  • What do YOU want to know about style?
  • What JINN styling advice would you like to know?
  • What do you want ideas and ts on if you're already a JINN fan or own JINN or any other type of oversized T?


Lital and I want to know what you think, what you want to know, what you want to see.

Email us, comment, send us DMs on IG, FB - TALK TO US!

Can’t wait to share the first chapter: Three Pant styles for your Jinn,

In the meantime, get your juices flowing - have a read of this: “The Statement Piece”


Oh and by the way…

Find and follow Jinn on FB @jinn.tshirt and on IG and look for #set_your_jinn_free

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