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Your Ultimate Race Day Style-Checklist

Prepare to step out on race day looking and feeling like a king

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I got a text message from my tailor today: "Far out!! We need more tailors, Waaaaay waaaay too much work. People are still bringing in jobs to have ready by Derby Day (That's in 4 days). IT'S TOO LATE, PEOPLE!"

If you're a typical guy who's currently getting ready for a weekend on the track, here's a rundown of what is going on for you (and most other guys) right now.

Here we go...

Time sneaks up on you like a windscreen on a bug. 

You have just realised you're going to the races this weekend.

You thought you had a suit but then you checked and you can't find the jacket and you remember that last time you went out and got really drunk you left it at some bar, the pants don't even fit anymore because you've gained or lost weight, your hair is overdue for a cut and, in all honesty, you have no idea what the colour code is for this particular race day.

Your favourite shirt is a bit worse for wear (because it's your favourite shirt) so it needs replacing.

Now you're rushing around the shops trying to find a last minute jacket to match the pants (don't even try, just buy a new suit and save yourself and every person who ever worked in a suit store that headache), a shirt, a tie, a pocket square to match and etc etc.

If you managed to find a suit off the rack, you'll probably have to get it adjusted in one way or another (and if you fit off the rack, congratulations, you're in the 98th percentile, go pop a bottle of champagne).

And..... you have exactly two days to sort this out because you're an adult with a full time job and you don't exactly get to go shopping for this type of mission on your lunch break. And if you do - please can we all have your job?

Sound familiar?

I'm exhausted and stressed just writing this, and I'm pretty sure you'd much rather have a stress free, calm lead up to the weekend, and most importantly, look and feel like an absolute KING when you step out for that day of fun, friends and fashion.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • This is the busiest time of the year in the suiting world. The staff in the stores want to help you but even they can't make the last pair of size 34 suit pants arrive from Melbourne in less than 2 days. 
  • Allow a couple of hours to select, fit and purchase the perfect suit with all the extras. 
  • Rushing a suit tailoring job is not beneficial for your tailor, and certainly not for you. Suiting requires skill and finesse. You need to give your tailor a week's notice. 
  • Everyone else will be rushing to the barber, just like you, the day before. If you book in advance you will be beating the crowds and you'll get to choose your own time.


Here's a timeline checklist to help you prepare for the races (and other events), complete with links to my favourite suppliers and brands.

And last but not least, if you need some assistance with your style or shopping, get in touch.



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