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And why I unsubscribed from it

"Hey!! How are you?"

"Busy...SO busy"

Egh...That old chestnut.


When I ask someone how they are and they say "busy, busy" I sigh on the inside ....

A. We're all "busy". We're all doing all of the doing.

B. I'm interested in whether or not you're happy or sad or feeling accomplished, how your kids are feeling at school, if your heart is full or broken...
As a human, when I ask you how YOU ARE, what I mean is how the f*#k ARE YOU?? YOU, the person, you with a life and feelings. I don't care about your "busy-ness".

C. It's actually more impressive to hear "I'm investing in myself and going to have a quiet weekend with a book / at the beach / at NOT BEING BUSY"


I UNSUBSCRIBE from the culture of BUSY-NESS.

We all have so much on, we can choose to define our state of being as "busy" or we can replace that overused, tired and pretentious word with "grateful", "getting sh*t done", "expanding" or whatever it is.

But when someone asks how you are and you say "busy"....

Really? Is that your best answer? Get creative.

Stop being BUSY, and start BEING.

Be amazing. Be happy. Be connected. Be YOU.

Join me:

Can you get through one day without using the word "BUSY"?

Let me know how you go! Let me know what words you used to replace "Busy".




If you're still overusing the word "busy"... here's some stuff YOU can outsource to ME to give you back time and head-space:

  • Finding the best brands to suit your vibe and your lifestyle.
  • Curating the most amazing capsule wardrobe so you can get dressed in less that 1 minute every day.
  • Wardrobe organising and cleansing.
  • Choosing outfits for specific occasions.
  • Clothes shopping.
  • Packing for travel.
  • Choosing eyewear.

The list goes on... If you feel like you're wasting too much time on decisions like what to wear, where to shop, what to buy, how to pack - STOP.

Time is precious.

Let's make your wardrobe work for you, so you can get on with the important stuff.

P.P.S - Click below to check out a cool Ted Talk about how not to be busy.

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